Are you someone who is intrigued by spirituality, intuition, angel numbers, astrology or are you an empath or are sensitive to energy?  Well you've come to the right place.  

1:1 Spiritual Healing Session

*Disclaimer: 1:1 Spiritual Healing Session are not intended to be therapy and are charged at a different pricing and manner than therapy. Read below for additional information.

Who is it it for:  This is for anyone that is wanting to learn tips and tools on how to start tapping into their intuition in 1:1 session with me. This is for anyone that wants a safe place to talk about their spirituality. Together we will also discuss the unconscious/conscious thoughts, beliefs, people, or fears that hold you back from living a more aligned path. Integrating my training working with angels, intuition, and psychic training, I will guide you in releasing energy cords with people, situations, objects, or fears through a divine spiritual lens.


*Learn how to tap into your intuition 

*Develop a better understanding of what energy cords or soul contracts are 

*You will learn about calling in your guardian angels and other angels for support

*Learn how to spirituality protect the space 

*Develop awareness of unconscous fears or cords holding you back

Pricing: 1:1 healing sessions are $88

How to Book: Email me at

What are Energy Cords?

Whether we are aware or not, we sometimes establish past/present energy cords with someone, situation, beliefs, or places; These can be positive or unhealthy cords. Cord cutting is a spiritual way to release the cords between you and that person or situation, belief, or place that may be draining your energy. You can have energy cords with past exes, family members, coworkers, a city, or a complete stranger. These invisible cords can be draining especially when they are negative. Additionally, we can also have fears that need to be spiritually released for example fear of failure, fear of scrutiny, etc. Whatever the cord, soul contract or fear is (consciously or unconsciously), doing this type of releasing can help you be in a  more aligned energy with that to which you want to release but also helps you release that invisible energy cord. 

Las Chicas Spiritual Connection

Topic for the month of March: First Generation Scarcity Mindset


Price: $33 

Place: Virtual meeting 

Date: Thursday, March 28, 2023

Time: 6pm (Mountain Time)

Book: Email me at

*Disclaimer: Las Chicas Spiritual Connection is not intended to be therapy and it's charged at a different pricing and manner than therapy.