Establishing boundaries with people especially family members is an example of growing pains. It's a way to start developing a sense of separateness from them and a sense of freedom for us as adults. Growing up in a hispanic household can sometimes mean that you often help your parents translate documents, help them schedule appointments, help them pay bills online, no matter what it is, it can be exhausting because not only do we have our own lives to manage but it may seem like they are always going to need us. 

Establish Boundaries 101: 

Relationship Problems

You may have just gotten out of a relationship or you're still in the relationship trying to work it out for the tenth time.  Sit with me in session to explore all the parts of the relationship and uncover the patterns that you are avoiding or defense mechanisms (that obscure you're ability to face the reality), what behaviors and habits have you brought to this relationship as a result of how loved was modeled for you. Whatever it is, it takes two to tango, which means it's not just his fault, there may also have been parts of you that played a role in this dance. For example, maybe you've made assumptions that he should know what you are talking about and that he should be able to read your mind. 

First Generation Mindset 

A lot of first generation latinos did not grow up with means. The messaging that you may have heard is "trabaja duro" (work hard) and from there on you have equated working hard with making money, surviving, fulfillment in life. So now you made it, you've graduated or have a degree on your belt but you may be feeling sad like everything is a struggle and we have to do this job because that's what we went to school for. I'm an advocate for reframing old belief systems like these. We often forget that our parents migrated here to give us a better life and part of our job is to use this opportunity to work smarter, not harder and to learn that there can also be room for job in this lifetime.