There are a lot of Latina Therapist's out there, but here is what makes me different: 

I am Latina, bilingual, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, licensed in California and Colorado. I received my Masters of Social Worker degree from California State University Northridge in 2017 and upon graduating I went to work for a non-profit helping Spanish speaking immigrant latinos in disadvantage communities. I wore many hats while my time there ranging from doing case management, crisis management, and being a therapist.  While challenges were nothing new to me, during my time there my love for the work that I was doing was diminishing.  

The messaging that I heard growing up was that I needed to work hard and struggle in order to make a living and as long as I had a job I had to be grateful, after all my parents sacrificed everything for us. So I did what many first gen do, I stayed in a job where I gave all my energy to and lost myself under the piles of paperwork feeling stuck. 

We learn in graduate school that nobody in the helping profession goes into this field to get rich. It is a profession where one gives beyond measures, sacrifice beyond measures, and struggle (as if graduate school isn't enough).  

The universe had other plans for me once I obtained my license- it guided me to start my private practice and it did that by opening doors for me. This however required a lot of introspection to realize that I dreaded going into my corporate job but loved the work I was doing seeing clients in private practice. After months of contemplating, should I leave or stay in corporate America, I decided to bet on myself and risk everything I knew to pursue my love for private practice. Being in aligned energy with the work I was doing, allowed me to find more joy in the work that I did and also have free time to tap into an even greater interest of mine- spirituality. 

I am an empath and intuitive. I am attuned to the energy people around me give out which allows me to understand someone better or point out blind spots that may not otherwise be noticed. Through my spiritual learning I've learned we all have spirit guides that we can always call for support in the angelic world and even beyond that we have other angels we can call upon. I believe in past lives, cords, and attachments that we may have had from either this lifetime or others with people, situations or things. I meditate every morning as a way to get more in touch with the voice inside of me, pull angel cards when I need guidance, and pay attention to the astrological cycles of the planets and moons. 

Today my life looks very different, I love what I do and enjoy helping people tap into the support that the universe can offer. I help people tap more into their intuition, call on angelic support and teach ways to protect their energy field.