Hola and Hello!

My name is Blanca and I am a licensed Latina holistic and spiritual therapist, Colorado living and California raised. The fancy title I have earned is Licensed Clinical Social Worker, but I prefer the other title (spiritual therapist). You can read more about me on the tabs section. 

I blend my experience working with Latinx in psychotherapy with my deep interest in spirituality and the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and soul. My therapeutic approach is holistic, incorporating intuition, body awareness, inner child work, and a comprehensive understanding of your past and present experiences. Common issues addressed in my practice include the effects of childhood parentification, perfectionism, self-care issues, life transitions, grief, relationship challenges, and other issues unique to the first-generation experience.

As your therapist, I will be your cheerleader and I will also be that person that challenges you and disagrees with you, because without discomfort there is no growth. I balance both humor, gentleness and disagreement in my therapeutic sessions. And yes, I speak Spanglish. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Work 

Colorado License #: 09927773

California License #103504

Phone: (310)503-4255 

  Hablo Espanol

      Virtual Sessions only

Email:  blancamartinezlcsw@gmail.com

     Instagram: @blancamartinezlcsw