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A little bit about me: I am a bilingual Mexican American Latina and a child of immigrant parents. My past work experience has included working with latino women and men in low income communities. Some populations have included single mothers. Currently I am working with first generation latinos struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, imposter syndrome, having been parentified as a child, perfectionism, or dealing with generational trauma.  Other current populations I work with include first generation college students and those who identify themselves as being introverted. Introverted or not all are welcome!

My therapy modality integrates all that is you- past, present, and spirituality to help you understand how everything is interconnected. For those who are spiritual, I welcome all conversations about it. For some it may mean the cycles of the full moons, God, belief of that the universe has things in store for us, or intuition (gut feeling). My therapy is also about learning to be more self compassionate towards yourself, finding those things that bring joy into your life that you may have forgotten, releasing people, places, things that no longer serve you and finding moments of gratitude. Because that’s happiness. Happiness is not a destination, it’s not a place you get to, it’s a life journey and along the way that journey can have ups and downs. 

If there is anything I can do for you, I hope it’s instilling hope. Hope that whatever storm you’re going through will pass. And just as every storm, we can make the decision to let it deter us or build us up. 

You can expect a safe place during your session where you feel supported. As your therapist, I will be your cheerleader and I will also be that person that challenges you and disagrees with you, because without discomfort there is no growth. I balance both humor, gentleness and disagreement in my therapeutic sessions.

Colorado License #: 09927773

Phone: (720) 961-2823  

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Email:   blancamartinezlcsw@gmail.com