Hola and Hello!

I am a bilingual Mexican American Latina therapist, California raised, Colorado living, and someone who grew up with the cultural norms, expectations, and values that many people like us [first generation] grew up with. 

I am very passionate about working with first generation latinos helping them on their journey into breaking generational patterns. Some themes that I help support first gen are: feelings of anxiety, stress, feelings that you are not good enough, being parentified as a child, feelings of having to have it together aka perfectionism, and triggers as a result of growing up in a chaotic household. 

My therapy modality integrates all that is you- past, present, and spirituality to help you understand how everything is interconnected. For those who are spiritual, I welcome all conversations about it. For some it may mean the cycles of the full moons, God, or intuition (gut feeling). Additionally, my therapy is also about learning to be more self compassionate towards yourself, finding those things that bring joy into your life, releasing people, places, things that no longer serve you and finding moments of gratitude. 

You can expect a safe place during your session where you feel supported. As your therapist, I will be your cheerleader and I will also be that person that challenges you and disagrees with you, because without discomfort there is no growth. I balance both humor, gentleness and disagreement in my therapeutic sessions. And yes, I speak Spanglish. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Work

Colorado License #: 09927773

California License #103504

Phone: (720) 961-2823  

  Hablo Espanol

      Virtual Sessions only

Email:   blancamartinezlcsw@gmail.com